starline® - Rehabilitation of drinking water pipelines

Rehabilitation of drinking water pipelines

For the rehabilitation of drinking water pipelines with local signs of ageing, starline® technology can be used from DN 100 to DN 600, with operating pressures of up to 40 bar. The necessary hygiene, hydraulics and operating safety are permanently restored. The rehabilitated pipeline can be commercially fully activated, i.e. depreciated over its useful lifetime.

For the following applications of drinking water pipe rehabilitation we have certified fabric hoses, adhesives and special technical equipment:

  • starline®HPL-W: for the rehabilitation of transport pipelines
  • starline®1000: for the rehabilitation of distribution pipelines

Hygiene is our top priority. Of course the materials we use and our final finished product meet all drinking water hygiene standards. Valid test certificates are available, in accordance with UBA coating guidelines (KTW recommendations) and the DVGW worksheet W 270.

Incidentally: These starline® processes prevent future incrustation and can also be used with soft water. No extra attachments or tools are required for maintenance and repair works.

  • starline®1000
  • starline®HPL-W


The starline® 1000-technology is for the trenchless rehabilitation of underground drinking water distribution and transport pipes using fabric hose relining. It is designed for a distribution system with a normal operating pressure of up to 10 bar. The old pipeline is relined with an ageing-resistant fabric hose.

With our starline® 1000 technology, a mobile rehabilitation unit independent of the rehabilitation truck enables reconditioning in areas not directly accessible to trucks. The dimension of the pipeline remains unchanged. Under these conditions, the lifetime of a rehabilitated pipeline is comparable with that of a new PE pipeline.

New connections can be drilled on by conventional construction methods with no problems and no risk of seepage. The fabric hose and adhesive meet all necessary hygienic standards in accordance with KTW recommendations / UBA-guidelines for drinking water compatibility and the DVGW worksheet W 270 regarding microbiological properties.

starline®HPL-W for drinking water transport pipelines

Our starline®HPL-W technology is used for the rehabilitation of drinking water transport pipelines and long distance pipelines. The fabric hose and adhesive are tested for pipes with a diameter of DN 100 up to DN 600 and with maximum operating pressures of 40 bar. Up to eight hours processing time allow very long sections to be rehabilitated. No additional heating is required for the curing process.

At the heart of the starline®HPL special technology is the self-advancing pressure drum on crawler tracks, which is perfectly suited to uneven terrain and high quality surfaces. First, the specified quantity of adhesive is applied evenly to the fabric hose in a climatised application container. This means that lengths of up 600m can be treated, irrespective of the diameter. As small cleaning pits are only needed at a maximum distance of 180 m, there is less than 10% earthwork.

Existing and future pitting corrosion of up to 50 mm diameter can be removed efficiently, fast and sustainably, and the operating safety and drinking water hygiene can be restored. In addition, normal tools can be used to drill into the pipe in future with no problem.